55 Marietta Street – Atlanta’s Premier Data Center & Carrier Hotel

55 Marietta Street has long been recognized as one of the preeminent locations for connectivity in Atlanta and the Southeast, Westplan Investors has a proven track record in managing their clients’ assets and has a trusted reputation. Westplan Investors has created 39 funds since 1994 and has been involved in investments of more than $1.5 billion in the US and currently holds properties in the Atlanta, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Tampa, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Phoenix markets.

55 Marietta is located in close proximity to TIE and PAIX Atlanta exchange points operated by Telx (TIE) and Equinix (PAIX), and to AT&Ts regional switch. 55 Marietta Street is home to Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP) and the carrier list includes: CenturyLink/Level 3, Peerless Network, XO, AT&T, Verizon, Zayo, Southern Fibernet and Comcast Business.

Built in 1953, 55 Marietta Street has supported technology use since 2001. Today, we offer colocation space by the cage, half floor suites, full floor suites and house over 160,000 SF of telco, colocation or enterprise data centers.

Our goal is not just to be competitive with commodity colocation providers but to provide unique opportunities and customizable solutions matched to our client’s requirements.

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  • Competitive
  • Unique and Customizable Solutions Available
  • Power Density to Suit your Application
  • Multiple Carriers Available in MMR
  • No Reoccurring Cross Connect Fees
  • Office, Storage and support space Available
  • Onsite Secured Parking Available
  • 24×7 Onsite Security Personnel
  • Well Capitalized
  • Local Management
  • Storage Room/Office Included with Each POD
  • Secure In-Building Parking
  • N+1 Cooling with Condensed Water Option
  • Multiple Diverse Entrances for Fiber & Building Entry
  • Atlanta Meet Me Room
  • 24×7 Onsite Security Personnel
  • Monitored by CCTV Camera Systems 24×7 with 90-day Retention
  • Security Check-In at Data Center Lobby
  • Elevator Authentication & Corridor Security
  • CenturyLink
  • Level 3
  • Peerless Network
  • XO
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Zayo
  • Southern Fibernet
  • Cages are built using industry standard 5′ wide panels and can be sized to customers’ requirements
  • Power is available by the circuit (retail) or as a wholesale metered power
  • Power Density to Suit your Application
  • Base Power and Cooling is “N” systems. N+1 systems available.
  • Move-in ready cages
  • Tenants AVOID capital expense
  • Operations ensure uptime of all critical infrastructure
  • Tenants can focus on core business in a secure environment
  • Highly desirable market
  • Low natural disaster risk
  • Wholesale designed for wholesale customers
  • 1,000 sq. ft. & 112.5kW building blocks
  • UPS 2N – A/B configuration
  • N+1 generator
  • 500 tons/floor
  • Custom configurations
  • Full POD up to whole floor
  • From 100 to 1,000 kW
  • From 24 to 194 racks (by Tenant)
Build-To-Suit Opportunities

“Build-To-Suit” Opportunities:

  • Four Full Floors Available (22,500 RSF/Floor)
  • Half or Full Floor (minimum)

Design Features:

  • Up to 1 MW per floor
  • A&B UPS
  • N+1 Generators
  • 1,500 T N+1 Condensing Water System
  • Georgia Power Company RTP Pricing

Ready to Start:

  • Funding in Place
  • Zoning, Special Use and Administrative Permits Approved
  • A&E Documents Complete
  • Construction Permit in Place
  • General Contractor Under Contract

Building Statistics:

  • 11 MVA of existing Power Company Vault Capacity. 4 MVA currently available with 8 MVA vault expansion planned (on 1st Floor)
  • Over 10 MW of onsite power generation. 1 MW currently available with 8 MW planned expansion (on 3rd Floor)
  • Over 14,000 gallons on fuel storage. 2,000 gallons currently available with 16,000 gallon planned expansion (below 34 Walton Street)
  • Over 3,000 Tons of Existing Cooling Capacity. 1,000 Tons currently available with 4,500 Ton planned expansion
  • Additional 10 MW Georgia Power Company Vault
  • Loading Dock
  • Additional Fuel Storage
  • Additional Cooling (55M Rooftop)